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Tickets & Prices

Tickets can be booked easily, quickly and secure online. When you pay the tickets on board, you will pay € 2 p.p. extra. After completing your purchase, your tickets will be sent to your email inbox. For an overview of all the cruises: see timetable.

75 Minute Cruise

Sail 75 minutes across the Waal river where you have a beautiful view over the impressive skyline of Nijmegen. During the cruise you can eat pancakes as much as you want!

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  • Adults: € 19,50
  • Children 3 till 11 years: € 14,50

Bridges Cruise

A cozy cruise of 2 hours under the bridges of Nijmegen, along the nature reserve and through the new secondary channel with unlimited pancakes.

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  • Adults: € 23,00
  • Children 3 till 11 years: € 18,00

Easter Cruise

Cruise of 2½ hours All you can eat pancakes! Warm side dishes Ice cream buffet Celebrate Easter on board of the Pancake Boat! Sail with the Pancake Boat during the family celebration of the year! Everyone from young to old...

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  • Adults: € 31,00
  • Children 3 till 11 years: € 23,00

Children’s Party

Celebrate your party on board of the Pancake Boat! Especially for the birtday boy or girl and all the friends we have a festive arrangement. Step on board together, decorate your pancakes with kind of sweets and float in the big petanque in the hold.

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  • Adults: € 18,50
  • Children 3 till 11 years: € 20,50
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Address and parking

We advise you to park in parking garage Kelfkensbos or Eiermarkt.

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Payment on board only with debit card or credit card.

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