Frequently Asked Questions

1Are the prices inclusive of VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT.
2What age do children's prices apply to?
The child price applies to children ages 3 to 11. Children under 3 years of age may sail for free.
3Are drinks included in the entrance fee?
No, the drinks are exclusive. The drinks consumed during the cruise can be paid for on board with PIN or credit card at the end of the cruise. The drinks menu can be found here.
4How do I pay for tickets?
Tickets can be paid easily and securely online with iDeal, credit card or PayPal.
5How do I pay for drinks on board?
On board, you can pay by PIN or credit card (Visa or Master Card).
6Can I charge for drinks per person if I come with a large party?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay per person separately due to the short time we have for this during the cruise.
7How do I book with a discount coupon or pass?
Follow the instructions listed with the discount offer. If you did not follow these instructions, you cannot use the discount. You must hand in or show the discount coupon or pass on board.
8How do I book if I have a third-party voucher?
Follow the instructions printed on the voucher. You must use the unique code when booking. If you did not redeem the voucher online, unfortunately it is not valid with your reservation.
9Can the discount be settled afterwards?
No, this is not possible.
10Is it necessary to bring my reservation confirmation to the boat?
No, it is not necessary to print the confirmation and bring it with you to the boat. This one applies mainly to yourself. If you bought a combination ticket, you do need to print the e-mail confirmation and hand it in at the other attraction. This confirmation is your admission ticket.
11I did not receive confirmation of my reservation by email. What should I do?
After you complete your online reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail within minutes. It is possible that this e-mail arrived in your junk mail or spam folder. We recommend that you check this mailbox first. If no e-mail from the Pancake Boat has arrived in this mailbox either, we advise you to contact us by phone.
12Will the boat sail in rain, fog, thunderstorms or snow?
In principle, the tours are always scheduled. If a cruise cannot take place due to extreme weather conditions, we will inform all guests in a timely manner.
13Can I indicate my table preference?
You can send us an e-mail with your preference for a table. We will note this with your booking. We will take this into account as much as possible when assigning the tables, but we cannot guarantee that the preference will be honored.
14Are guests who have something to celebrate highlighted?
You can send us an e-mail about the birthday you are celebrating on board. We will note this in your booking. The staff on board often puts all the birthdays in the spotlight, but we cannot guarantee this.
15Can I place an option?
If you would like to place an option, we recommend that you contact our booking office via email or telephone.
16Is the boat suitable for wheelchairs or with crutches?
Boarding in a wheelchair or with crutches is possible. You can indicate the wheelchair(s) and/or crutches when booking and we will reserve a table on the lower deck. The pancake buffet is also located on the lower deck. However, the toilets are on the upper deck and can only be reached by stairs. There is no elevator or disabled toilet on board.
17Are there restrooms on board?
Yes, there are toilets on board and they are located on the upper deck. There are two ladies' toilets and two men's toilets.
18Is there a baby room on board?
Yes, there is a baby room on the upper deck next to the wheelhouse.
19Can I sit on the outside deck?
Yes, there are tables on the outside deck. These are not reserved, but of course you can sit outside when the weather is nice.
20Do all the tables face the window?
Yes, all tables are on window sides.
21Are dogs allowed on board?
No, dogs are not allowed on board.
22May you bring your own drinks to the boat?
Yes, the boat is child-friendly. The safety of children is our top priority. This means that there are no low railings or dangerous openings. Moreover, there is always supervision on board and the crew pays extra attention to safety when embarking and disembarking passengers.
23What is the maximum number of people who can board?
A maximum of 130 passengers can board the Pancake Boat Nijmegen.
24Are there life jackets?
Yes, there are life jackets on board for all passengers.
25Will the pancakes be served?
No, there is a pancake buffet. You can choose between bacon, apple and plain pancakes and then top the pancakes yourself with garnishes from the buffet.
26What garnishes can I garnish my pancake with?
There are numerous garnishes on the buffet: both sweet and savory.
27Is there enough choice for vegetarians?
Yes, there are apple pancakes and plain pancakes. In addition, there are plenty of vegetarian garnishes on the buffet.
28Are the pancakes and garnishes halal?
No, the pancakes and garnishes are not halal.
29Is there pancake batter for certain allergies and/or dietary needs?
Yes, there is special batter for the following dietary needs and allergies: - gluten allergy - chicken egg allergy - milk allergy / lactose allergy - soy allergy - vegan diet When booking, you can specify how many people want to use this special batter. The cooks will then fry the special pancakes for you in oil in a separate pan. For other dietary requirements, please contact our booking office via email or phone.
30Are there any dishes other than pancakes?
No, there are no other dishes.
31Can I get on or off at another location?
No, it is not possible to get on or off at another location.
32Can I park my car near the boat?
We recommend parking in a parking garage (Eiermarkt or Kelfkensbos). Both parking garages are within walking distance.
33Are there bike racks at the boat?
Yes, there are bike racks on the dock.

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